Programmatic for efficient
real-time digital strategy


BRAND Strategies

Increase brand awareness and
tell the world about new products

TRAFFIC Strategies

Find your target audience
and attract them to brand or product website

ACTION Strategies

Generate leads, calls and purchases

Segmento Brand Lift

Measure brand awareness growth for all digital channels

Why choose us?

No Bots

Bots have become so sophisticated that their actions at the advertiser’s website can hardly be distinguished from the actions of real people. According to Bloomberg, some ad campaigns might include up to 90% of bots. We have found an anti-fraud solution! There are no bots in Segmento ads — all user profiles are vetted /verified by offline data.

One platform for all digital channels

Control ad frequency and CPT using one platform for desktop, mobile and video. We also use Brand Safety technology to protect the brand from negative content.

We know exactly
how our campaigns
affect brand awareness

Using interactive online polls we measure how brand awareness has grown after ad views. This information is available to you at no additional cost. The technology can be used for any kind of brand research (ad recall, brand consideration and such).

They trust us

Segmento has conducted at least 30 digital campaigns for Sberbank in half a year using behavioral and transactional data. This saved us more than 30% of the budget and improved the overall efficiency of display advertising in one-and-a-half.

Tracking new technologies and trends is one of the key HYUNDAI principles. The task of the advertising department is to ensure the effectiveness of ad investments and to support sales. That’s why we choose Segmento platform. Its features allow us to make a campaign super targeted and provide CTR three times higher than in any other distribution channel and also increase the conversion of visits to targeted actions by 5%.

We are well-pleased by the results of collaboration with Segmento. In the space of three campaign weeks, we’ve managed to achieve high KPIs and introduce the product to the most relevant audience.

Albert Usmanov,

Digital Marketing Director, Sberbank

Alexander Ruzavin

Marketing Communications Manager, HYUNDAI

Daria Volokhova

Digital Brand Manager, Pfizer


Programmatic for efficient
real-time digital strategy

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